About the author


Hello.  I am a minimalist and tiny house enthusiast, no surprise.  I first discovered the tiny house movement four years ago.  I see living in a tiny home and being debt free, ultimately, as a necessity to life in the United States–for me definitely.  After spending the first part of my life raising my daughters as a single parent, I do not have a retirement plan.  Building and living in a tiny home is an excellent retirement plan for anyone: it is an excellent way to gain better financial freedom and to better enjoy life–long before retirement.

How did I come to this?

Recently I was in college working on a teaching degree.  However, as I re-thought debt I was accumulating and after the economic collapse and subsequent political policy attacks on federal workers, teachers, I decided  my teaching plan was no longer viable.  So, I dropped out of the four-year college I was attending and went back into an old vocation, driving a truck which has great job security and offers excellent pay with the right company–this, my $$ path to building my tiny container home on wheels.  Once in my tiny home, I’m going to rethink a career, spend more time being environmentally conscious,  and also focus more on simply living.

I decided to  create this blog in order to chronicle my journey; but more importantly, as an informative, learning tool for others.  I love to teach!!  I have been researching tiny houses since 2011 and I have accumulated a wealth of helpful information that I really want  to share.  I also have some great ideas about tiny house design.  Lastly, as a truck driver currently, I feel I have some great insights into hauling things–I want to share these too.  Please join me while I learn how to develop my blog and as I  post my thoughts on everything tiny house.  Peace.

Heidi Dotson


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